Hi, I’m Jeremy Mohler, a writer, therapist, and meditation teacher.

I help people work through anxiety, burnout, relationship and intimacy issues, career questions and transitions, creative/artistic blocks, and more.

I offer affordable online therapy for clients in Maryland and D.C. with a sliding scale rate.

I also offer mindfulness meditation classes to public institutions and nonprofit organizations.

My story

Many years ago, a broken heart led me to seek out therapy, both individual and a men’s group. I learned how to soothe my anxiety, show up more authentically with others, and—most importantly—be compassionate to myself.

Along the way, I transitioned careers from marketing for Fortune 500 tech companies to advocating for economic and racial justice in Congress and in statehouses and city halls nationwide. I also trained as a meditation teacher at Washington, D.C.’s Lamont Dharma House, a yoga and meditation residential center connected with the Insight Meditation Community of Washington (IMCW).

I bring all of this experience to helping you show up more authentically at work, in your relationship, and trying to better the world.