Life Coaching

I offer one-on-one life coaching to people looking for help becoming more goal-oriented concerning work, relationships (including dating), meditation practice, and more. This is not therapy.

Through coaching, I can help you figure out what changes you would like to make, what achievements you would like to reach, and how to overcome what’s holding you back. We will not explore the trauma caused by past experiences—I can refer you to a licensed therapist for this, if needed.

The difference between coaching and therapy

When I am providing life coaching services, I cannot make a formal diagnosis (anxiety disorders, depression, etc.) or submit claims to an insurance company. However, I can provide life coaching services to you regardless of where you live. A licensed therapist can only practice in the states they are licensed in.

How much I charge for life coaching

I charge for life coaching using a sliding scale, meaning the fee is determined by your income and other factors. Let’s find a price that works for both you and me.