Men’s groups

My men’s therapy groups in Maryland and DC can help you better respond to difficult situations at work, in your relationship, and throughout life.

Maybe you feel stuck at work or in your relationship. Maybe you’re navigating family changes, anger issues, or the modern dating world. Maybe you’re wondering what it means to be a man in the 21st century.

As the leader of men’s groups in Maryland and DC, I can help you navigate whatever you’re struggling with, while connecting with other men with similar experiences.

Men’s Relationship &
Dating Support Group

When: Wednesdays 12:00-1:15pm Weekly
Where: Virtually on Zoom
Who: Must reside in Washington, DC, or Maryland. We strongly encourage men of diverse backgrounds, identities, and sexual orientations to explore joining.

True Confidence:
An Internal Family Systems (IFS) Men’s Group

When: Tuesdays 6:15-7:30pm Weekly
Where: Virtually on Zoom
Who: Must reside in Washington, DC, or Maryland. We strongly encourage men of diverse backgrounds, identities, and sexual orientations to explore joining.

FAQ about men’s therapy groups in Maryland and DC

What’s the point of group therapy?

I’ve practiced mindfulness meditation for over a decade, read countless self-help books, and gone to individual therapy for years, but what’s been most transformative in my relationship with my partner, my connection with friends and family, and even my work as a therapist, has been group therapy.

Group therapy allows you to hear other people talk about their experience with issues you might also be going through. This can normalize what you’re struggling with, helping you feel less alone.

Research shows that group therapy can be just as effective as individual therapy, particularly because they provide social support and reduce stigma, isolation, and feelings of alienation.

Group therapy also allows you to learn how to communicate in more honest, vulnerable, and effective ways. This is because the type of groups that I lead focus on processing the relationships between group members. You get to notice and work on how you relate to other people, what you assume about them, how you can skillfully communicate with them—all with the help of a trained professional therapist by your side.

How often is the group and for how long does it last?

My groups meet weekly, which allows us to build connection and gain momentum in supporting each other.

As the client, you always control the number of sessions you attend. All I ask is that you make a commitment of three initial group sessions, after which we decide if you want to continue or leave.

Eventually, I might recommend continuing or ending group therapy based on your progress and goals. But you decide when you don’t need more sessions.

Some people stay in the group for a few months as they navigate a difficult situation, while others continue indefinitely. Together, we will talk about what is most supportive to your ongoing growth and well-being.

How much does it cost?

My fee for a group session is $105 and will likely be reimbursed under most insurance plans. If that is too high for your budget, let’s talk to find a number that works for both of us.

I accept credit card/debit card and HSA/FSA payments at the time of service. I am considered “out-of-network” for all major insurance companies including Aetna, BlueCross, Cigna, Carefirst, and UHC. That means you pay the full fee at the time of service and can then choose to submit to your insurance for reimbursement through your out-of-network benefits.

The majority of clients have some out-of-network benefits, and benefits often cover 50 percent or more of my fee. You should check with your insurance provider about group therapy to confirm.

I provide a Statement for Reimbursement (“superbill”) through a secure online portal to submit to your insurance company if you choose to seek reimbursement.

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