How to find the right therapist for you

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Finding a therapist in our absurd, profit-driven health care system is really, really hard.

Here’s how to do it:

First, figure out what you’re looking for. Is there a particular symptom you’ve been experiencing, like anxiety, depressive thoughts, or relationship issues? Do you think you’ll feel safest working with a therapist with a particular identity? If you’ve done therapy before, is there a particular type of therapy you prefer?

Then, go to and type your ZIP code in the search bar.

Next, use the drop downs to narrow your search by issue, health insurance, and/or other criteria.

Click on a few therapists and read their profiles. Don’t settle until, while reading a profile, something inside of you says, “Yes.”

If you’re not using insurance, make sure you can afford their fee, which is listed on the right side.

Click on “Email Me” and send them a message asking for an initial call to learn more about their approach to therapy.

Set up a 3-4 of these brief calls, and when you’re on the phone, tell the therapist what you need help with. They will usually tell you how they work as a therapist (the types of therapy they use, etc.). Wait until something inside you says, “Yes,” before choosing who to go with.

Remember, most therapists don’t require you to make a commitment. You can try therapy with as many therapists as you need before something inside of you says, “Yes.”

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