The exact steps in my morning meditation routine

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I start every morning with a combination of stretches I’ve pulled from a few places: foundation training, the McGill Big 3, and stretches to counteract sitting all day.

Then I (ironically) sit down in this chair in my basement:

Then I pull up the (free!) Insight Timer app on my phone and select the preset for 30 minutes. (I started with 5 minutes and have slowly stretched out the time over the years.)

Then I sit for 30 minutes, refocusing my attention on my breath whenever I notice I’m thinking about something else (which happens over and over again).

When the final bell rings, I say a few reminders to myself to set the tone for the day, like, “Never wait for a special occasion; being alive is a special occasion,” and, “Start where you are.”

That’s it. Way more often than not, I feel ready for the day, whatever it brings.

With warmth,

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